How to Take a Good CV Photo

Five quick tips from Team SVA

Dress professionally

First impressions last, so it is important that you ‘put your best foot forward. Typically, this means wearing a dress shirt and tie, blouse or even a suit (choose solid colours if possible).

Only you in the photo

While we can all appreciate a good family photo, this one needs to be of you, and only you. Make sure not to include any objects, pets or people in the background.

Choose a simple background

We recommend standing against a plain, solid-coloured wall (ideally white) with plenty of natural lighting. Avoid textured walls and anything with posters, art or photos.

No selfies

We recommend having a friend or family member take the photo as selfies aren’t the best look on a CV. If you have to though, this is fine.

Extra tips

Turn off the camera flash (and any effects). Ensure that you are centred in the photo and check that the camera lens is clean. Lastly, don’t forget to smile!